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What is status "S"?

Under Swiss immigration law, the status S, a temporary resident status, is granted to people with extenuating circumstances, such as refugees arriving in times of war. On February 28, 2022, the Swiss authorities decided to grant this status to Ukrainian refugees arriving in Switzerland. It is very important to understand that the status S allows for considerable flexibility and offers some significant advantages over the standard asylum procedure. 

Detailed information about the Status as well as the rights it gives from the website of the State secretariat for migration.

Registering for status S:

Step by step guide


Download the registration form, print one copy for each family member registering, and fill it out in latin capital letters.

Click here to download the form


Send the completed from by email to

or by post to Anmeldung Ukraine, Staatssekretariat für Migration SEM, Quellenweg 6, 3003 Bern-Wabern


Within several days you will receive a confirmation letter with the date of a personal appointment. The answer will come by email if you used email, or by post if you used Swiss Post to submit your form. 

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