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I am coming with a pet

Switzerland allows to Ukrainian refugees to enter the country with their pets. Special regulations apply to travel with dogs, cats and ferrets, due to the possibility of them transmitting rabies.

Step by step guide from Swiss veterinary control 

1. Download and fill out the pet registration form

2. Send the form

3. Wait to be contacted

Click here to download registration form

Important! Follow instructions, be compliant.

Switzerland has very strict survelliance on compliance to laws and regulations. To avoid any possible unpleasant situations please read carefully all instructions and documents below to avoid any non-compliance with local rules and regulations. Please take all instructions seriously and follow them by the book. 

Click here to download the instruction from the official veterenary services of the Confederation

We found that this instruction from the authorities of City of Zurich is very helpful and to the point. Please read it and follow: 

Stick to these rules until you get different information from the veterinary office: 

  • Always keep your dog on a short leash, it must not run free.  

  • Your dog must not have any contact with other animals or people other than you or people in the same household.

  • Cats are not allowed outside, they must be kept inside. 

  • Let us know immediately if your animal runs away, behaves aggressively 

  • If your animal bites a human, tell that person that your dog or cat is from a rabies risk country. 

  • Anyone bitten should seek medical attention immediately, mentioning the risk of rabies. 

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