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Job opportunities for Ukranian refugees
in Switzerland & internationally 


The Swiss Confederation has put unprecedented employment conditions into place for Ukrainian refugees. One of the most important employment points for refugees to keep in mind is that they have the right to work immediately after receiving their Status S. This page contains information about well established and reputable employers, offering employment opportunities for Ukrainian refugees in Switzerland.

Please note that Switzerland does not tolerate and does not welcome any illegal behavior. It is expected that all rules, laws and regulations set out by employers and federal agencies must be followed in a timely and precise manner. By accepting illegal work or disobeying Swiss employment laws, you are putting yourself, your hosts, and your employers into an unpredictable and difficult situation. To avoid such situations, we strongly encourage you to first obtain your status S before taking on any sort of employment.

Swiss resources with job opportunities for Ukranians

Opportunities in Switzerland for Ukranian scientists and researchers: 


The SNSF is providing nine million francs for measures at Swiss universities in connection with the war in Ukraine.


CERN proposes dedicated opportunities for Ukrainian nationals to learn and work with expert teams.


Doctoral research position in Comparative Politics for Ukrainian scholar (m/w/d)


Training opportunities in research laboratories of CHUV

International resources
with job opportunities for Ukranians


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